The Nursing Mother’s Cookbookan eating survival guide for new parents.

How do you feed yourself when you are spending so much time trying to feed a new baby? We can help. Many of the recipes you will find here are aimed at the new mom who’s has to go on an elimination diet while nursing a colic-y baby. Most  are simple enough to fix with one arm and half a night’s sleep. These recipes are flexible, easy to prepare, and contain no hard to find ingredients. Anyone who has to eliminate dairy, wheat, spices, meat and/or other ingredients should look here for inspiration in the kitchen.

When my son was born, he had no trouble nursing and gaining weight in the weeks after he was born. But he was also a pretty colic-y baby; he would scream and scream inconsolably. As a new mom I was at my wit’s end. I did a little research and decided to try going on an elimination diet to see if what I was eating was affecting him. I realized that when I cut dairy out of my diet, the screaming fits stopped (mostly).

Your average elimination diet begins by cutting out several ingredients that could irritate the system-dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, and anything acidic or spicy are common culprits. When I realized I had to give up my beloved cheese, yogurt and ice cream I had to scramble to find foods to fit my new set of requirements. Anything I made also had to be easy to prepare, without any complicated steps or rare ingredients, and I had to be able to stop at any time so I could take care of the baby.

A few years later, I was trying to loose some post-holiday pounds and a friend suggested that I try eliminating wheat from my diet. Her theory is that wheat impedes our digestion, makes us bloated and that removing wheat from the diet will help all other foods metabolize quicker. I tried it and found that I was indeed less bloated but also that all these other annoying symptoms I had went away.

So now I’ve collected all these recipes that fit the needs of nursing moms or anyone on an elimination diet.  I’m no longer nursing, but it seems a shame to let them go to waste so I am publishing  them  here as a resource for anyone who needs them. I look forward to hearing from my readers about what they have come up with to appease special diets.


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