Impossibly easy personal pizzas

Impossibly easy personal pizzas-File this under fast meals.

I found these individual sized pizza crusts in the deli section of my local chain grocery store and they are fantastic. A little bit of sauce from a jar and some pre-shredded mozzerella, 5 minutes under the broiler and I had mini-pizzas for everyone! A few weeks ago I made a small batch of pesto from an enormous bunch of basil I bought at the farmer’s market and put it in the freezer. I thawed the pesto, spread it on one of the crusts, covered it with cheese and voila! Personal pizzas.

You can add any toppings that you have in your fridge or cabinets to make these even tastier. Right now I have some red onion in my fridge alongside some zucchini, basil and a red bell pepper. In my cabinet there is a can of black olives and on the counter there is a head of garlic in the keeper. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try black olive and garlic…


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