That Chickpea Thing

I have a chickpea salad in regular rotation on my summer menu that can be whipped up in an instant. I’ve often bragged about how yummy it is to friends until they beg me for the recipe. I’ve even gone so far as to keep a photo on my phone of the page in the magazine where I got the recipe so when someone texts me for the recipe I just shoot it off to them.

The author calls for one 15oz can of chickpeas but i find the dressing to be a bit much for that proportion and it makes only enough for a small side dish or a lunch for one person.   I often use two cans of chickpeas. Some brands of chickpeas are better than others when eaten raw. I almost always use Goya for this salad.

Make sure everything you use here  is really fresh and use the best quality olive oil that you have.


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