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The Nursing Mother’s Cookbook is here for the new mom who’s had to go on an elimination diet while nursing a colic-y baby. Having to eliminate certain foods from your diet to soothe a fussy newborn is a very common situation many new mothers find themselves in. These recipes are flexible, easy to prepare, and contain no hard to find ingredients. Anyone who has to eliminate dairy, wheat, spices, meat and/or other ingredients should look here for inspiration in the kitchen.

If you are nursing, you know that everything you eat, your baby eats as well. Why not feed the baby (and you) something healthy? While take-out is a very good thing for the sleep-deprived-you should not be handling knives after sleeping only 2 hours at a time for days on end-don’t make pizza the basis of your diet. I’ll show you how to keep your freezer stocked with yummy food and how to whip up a meal from a few cans in your cabinet.

If you’re going to bother to cook, make several meals at at time. Many of the recipes you will find here are really 2 or 3 meals worth of food. Prepare it, eat part now and put the rest of it in the freezer.

The Nursing Mother’s Cookbook is not just for moms. Anyone who has to alter their diet or eliminate certain foods should look here as a resource.

Bon Apetit